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Heres a small collection of sources where to get media for free online. i think it's very cool to have a small collection of books/movies/music on your harddrive. some friends and I did a music sharing night once and it was really cool! that's how I found out about sexy sushi

!! be sure to use a VPN if you're planning on using sketchy sites on the net

books: https://dk1lib.org/
academic texts: https://libgen.li/index.php

tool to download from german state-funded television (they occasionally have some nice movies): https://mediathekviewweb.de/

TV series in german: http://bs.to/andere-serien

2 english language streaming websites https://losmovies.cam/ & https://www8.putlockers.fm/

to download movies and music I would try to find either a torrent or an open directory. theres subreddits for both if you want to learn more. i'm not rly a professional datahoarder so i can't give good tips about those.